About us

Both born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura and Martin met while working for different Global Hotel Suppliers and realized quickly that they shared a passion for traveling, cultural exchange, and for helping people in need. Immersion Tours was born out of these shared passions in an effort to introduce visitors to Buenos Aires through experiences that highlight local traditions, passions and cultures, all while helping vulnerable communities through socially responsible tourism.

Laura Grandi


I seek experiences that immerse me in different cultures to nurture my love of travel and understanding of the global community. I’m always searching for the best way to balance my trips and my job, and this has allowed me to travel through Latin America, the US and Europe and further develop my pride for the city I call home. My career has always been related to the Tourism sector and Tango related projects, starting with my Bachelors degree in Tourism.

My passion for traveling and cross-cultural sharing combined with my love for Argentina, drives me to share the authentic side of my country. I am eager to host every foreign friend visiting my city and I’ve created Immersion Tours, with Martin, to welcome new friends.

Martin Salamanca


After years of working in consulting, I found myself looking for something more; I found my more in tourism. The field combines both my love for travel and my passion for sharing new experiences with those I meet at home and abroad. I was born and have lived most of my life in Buenos Aires, with the exception of some years in Australia and one year in Iguazu, Argentina. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and two postgraduate degrees in Marketing and Tourism (both conferred in Australia). I have been fortunate to have had opportunities to travel throughout Latin America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and the US for both pleasure and business.

Now that I am back home, I find I am eager to help visitors enjoy my city the way the locals do. I also want to find ways to invest in the people of Buenos Aires so that we can see our city improve for those who have been underserved and overlooked. Launching Immersion Tours, with Laura, has provided an opportunity to serve both our visitors and those in our vulnerable sectors.